Does Skyline work in my area?

90% of our tent and event rentals are within 10 miles (as the bird flies) of Concord and Carlisle. That being said, we do deliver to anywhere in MA. The only adjustment that will be made is to the delivery charge.

What is the 5% damage waiver for?

When you rent a tent, tables, and chairs for a party with multiple guests, accidents will happen. Whether it’s a scratch to a tent sidewall, a broken chair, a cracked table from an over-served guest, or linens destroyed by a child’s markers, something always happens. We don’t want you to be upset about having to cover the costs of these accidents that are out of your control. For that reason, we charge a minimal damage waiver fee (5%) covering damage under $250. Please do not consider this a license to ruin equipment. You’d be surprised how quickly replacements can add up for our very nice equipment.

Set Up and Take-down

Our normal practice is to pitch tents and deliver tables, chairs, and other rentals one or two days before you event. Take-down days are Monday and Tuesday. If you require take-down at a certain time or on the weekend, please let us know in advance. We are a small company and our resources are not always available on demand. If you are within 2 miles of Concord and Carlisle, you will likely have a later in the day pitch as we work from the farthest point from Carlisle in the morning, then make our way back towards the warehouse.

Rain Policy

We do not have contingency plans for tent, table, and chair rentals when it comes to weather. The customer is reserving the equipment for a certain time period. If you decide to cancel, you have up to 14 days before the event to collect 100% refund. No special considerations will be made to this policy.

What should I do if I have a septic system?

LET US KNOW. You do not want one of our 42’’ steel stakes being driven into your septic tank. It is a huge repair expense that we will not cover. This is particularly important in Concord, Carlisle, Sudbury, Billerica, and Acton. Fortunately, since I’m a resident of Carlisle, I understand this, and am mindful of this on all jobs.

Delivery Fees

This is fully dependent on quantity and distance. That being said, our normal delivery Charge in Carlisle and Concord is $0. Acton, Chelmsford, Westford, Billerica, Bedford is normally $50. Farther out, like Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, or Wellesley, or Newton you should expect between $75 and $100, depending on the order. This covers delivery, setup of tent, take-down, and removal of the order.